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5 Star Exclusive Classes @ Centerfield Academy

By 5 Star Staff, 12/20/23, 1:30PM CST


5 Star Players, we have you covered!

Begins January 23rd.

We’re excited to announce a new program that we believe will raise the skill and competitiveness level of our entire organization!
Beginning Tuesday January 23rd, we will be offering classes at a great discount to 5 Star players. Our classes will include:

  • Pitching/Game Management (pickoffs, signs, PFP, holding runners & plate releases, pitchouts etc...)
  • Infield (which includes positioning, holding base runners at 2nd, pickoffs, etc...)
  • Catching/Field General (including pitch outs, back picks, universal 5 Star signs, etc...),
  • Hitting/Offense (including drag bunts, sac bunts, hit and runs, base running, etc...)


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